Vintage Port

1985 Wine Vintage Report

1985 Vintage Port :

1985-vintage-portThe 1985 is a great classic Port Vintage, with concentrated, rich and potent wines. The year was a general declaration of vintage, the majority of Houses judging it to be up to their high standards. 1985 was a model year for the growth of the vines: a wet winter followed by a moderate spring led into an extremely warm June and a hot July and August. The harvest took place under perfect weather conditions, and the fermentations went well also. From the very start shippers were predicting outstanding wines. The resulting ports are characterised as being forward with enormous structure, and staggering depth, dimension, and length. They are at the peak of their maturity and will remain so for another 10-15 years. A Port from 1985 would make an excellent 37 year old wine gift for a birthday or anniversary.

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1985 Croft Port

The 1985 Croft Vintage Port is now mature and shows aromas that border on overripeness and offers scents of plums and black cherries. Full-bodied, ri
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1985 Ferreira

This Port is now beginning to reach its full maturity and is ready for drinking. As it ages further, it will begin to develop gently into a more tawny style Port.
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